Terrarium & Mini Garden

EcoGarden Asia Terrarium

EcoGarden Asia started making terrarium in Mid - June 2014. At the beginning, the terrarium was not able to survive long enough. EcoGarden Asia identified the problem was caused by the type of soil used. Thus one experiment after another was conducted to solve this problem and finally the best formulated soil was created after almost six months. Eventually EcoGarden Asia Officially launched its Terrarium in the end of 2014.

Mind Theraphy

This mini garden creation gives positive aura, relaxing and tranquillity to the entire home.

Absorb Radiation

Plants absorb radiation from the household and electical appliances such as television, radio, computer, refrigerator and others.

Give Oxygen

All Plants realese oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide in daylight. However cactus releases oxygen not only in daylight but also at night time.

Green Alternative

Terrarium can be placed in living room as decoration which do not required a great space to display
For custom made terrarium, booking must be made one week earlier
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